Celebrating 35 Years: An Interview with Radamés del Mazo, President of MultiSytems

In mid-1987, Radamés del Mazo and Delfin Lorenzo officially launched MultiSystems Inc. What began 35 years ago as a two men operation serving a local business, has now grown into industry-leading organization in the field of automated identification and data collection solutions with clients across the Caribbean, Latin America, and United States.

Below you will find the transcript from a recent interview with Radamés del Mazo, President.

Talk to us about your beginnings… what did you do to present your solutions to the market?  

“In the very first steps we focused on teaching our clients what the technology did. We also focused on: Sharing the benefits that our solutions provide, demonstrating the characteristics that these technologies have, and providing presentations to key engineering groups” 

Although our company is based in Puerto Rico, I remember traveling around the Caribbean looking for more opportunities, like Intel in Barbados. They were in fact, one of the first big accounts that we sold.” 

What type of solutions were you providing to these clients at the time?  

“Well, it consisted of developing solutions that automated industrial processes. 

Back then, this technology was much more expensive which limited their proliferation but as the years went by, it all changed.  

These solutions have become more accessible for businesses of all sizes and now, MultiSystems has been digitizing processes for 35 years. “ 

What technology to digitize? 

“Well, we have been doing this for 35 years through data collection technology such as barcodes, RFID systems, voice recognition systems and bringing real-time information to the systems using wireless infrastructure. 

This is easy to see today because there is wireless connectivity accessible everywhere. At the time we installed hotspots that were specifically private. From the beginning we focused on the industrial companies, we were not working with commercial areas like buildings, airports, or shopping malls. Around 1995 we expanded to wholesale distribution companies with warehouse automation through daily data which informed item location, availability, and dispatch prioritization depending on the expiration date of the product.” 

Who are your partners, relationship how you have helped? 

“For the last 20 years these solutions have been our focus, which has allowed us to associate with one of the biggest known companies in tech, in fact a company that has been recognized as a leader in the industry, Zebra Technologies. “

Where are your offices located?  

“Throughout time we have developed our company into different countries, from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic. “ 

What is the type of products that your company offers?  

“Recently we have created applications in MultiSystems made in Puerto Rico, software that is already in its third generation. In addition, proprietary applications like MultiRoute that offer sales force automatization, product delivery automatization, route “GPS” tracking in real-time, sales point transactions while in route. We are entering a new stage where we have sold our technology into the U.S. Market running the automatization process from Puerto Rico, with clients from Baltimore, Texas, Bahamas, Aruba, and Jamaica. “

What would you say has been the basis of your success as a local company, being able to provide products that are world-class? What has been the method of success? 

“The most important part of the company’s success has been human resources, the entire work team that we have, of which I would tell you that 70% of our employees have been with the company for 10 years or more. We have a much larger group that has been in the company for more than 5 years. We have a culture of service and commitment that I believe can be matched, but I believe that few companies can surpass it. 

Our commitment is that we will never end wrongly with a company, with a client. We have been here for 35 years, and I do not think you should publish this in a newspaper, but a client has never had to sue us in 35 years. You know that in this country it is quite rare and that is because of the commitment we have had to our clients. We have been burned in several projects where we did not win, but the client is loyal to us year after year, and I can tell you that one of the things that MultiSystems has is that today the number of clients must be above 1,000 at regional level. 

Our team and our commitment to the client; that is our greatest achievement.”

I imagine that the quality of the products also… 

“Well, the products and solutions we sell bring the benefit of reducing the operational cost to the customer, increasing productivity and at the same time giving visibility to what is happening with the information that runs through the company. “

How is it possible to compete as a local company with companies that are from abroad and offer products either in Puerto Rico or in the other regions of the countries that you serve? 

“Competition is particularly strong in this segment of the market. Already today you see the scanners in all places like Walmart, Walgreens, and supermarkets. There are some of these projects that take place at a corporate level in the US and there are others that we can participate in. This depends on the level of service the customer wants. All these clients implement a system like this and keeping it running is something that costs money and with us the client can find all the services. 

You can find the programming group; we have a service group that repairs equipment and keeps customers running. We also have a group that sells both maintenance contracts to keep everything running as it should be, and at the same time what we call after-market. If you need labels or ribbons or labels, we can also do it. “

Do you want to take the opportunity to add something else? 

“Well, if I can add something to you, it is to thank all the clients who have been trusting us for 35 years. We will always be there to serve you and let us know if you need anything additional to offer value and the best service. “

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