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Our Warehouse Management System Solution helps identify assets in the warehouse and locations to speed up shipments, increase accuracy and improve customer satisfaction by having information in real-time.

Multiple Warehouses


Inventory Visibility

Cycle Counts

Inventory Transfer




Real-Time Information

Seamless Connection to ERP

Proven Integration

Support for integration to multiple ERP's such as:

Additionally, with the WDCS Rest API (ADK Toolkit), end-users can develop their own integrator to the enterprise’s ERP.

Case Study: Grupo Colón Gerena & MultiSystems

With more than 116 locations around the island, Grupo Colon Gerena was searching for a solution to help optimize their current Warehouse Management System. Watch the following video to learn how MultiSystems played a major role in helping them achieve this goal.

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With our featured solution, you will be able to:


Limit Human

Less errors on inventory management produced by manual data entry.



No more lost documents; all transactions are securely stores in WDCS Manager.

Get Into

On-Time Inventory

Improve Inventory

Promote good inventory movement through FIFO or LIFO.


Share accurate information and notifications with all your devices.

Data Sync

Send encrypted transactions to the back office and receive updates.

WDCS Manager

The web-based back office part of the software, will help get information in real-time and visualize it with interactive dashboards. 

An interface utility is used to download and upload information from ERP Platforms.

WDCS Mobile

This simple and easy to use application will allow warehouse floor workers to automate and increase mobile transactions around the facility, increasing efficiency and limiting human errors.

Zebra Mobile Computer
website dashboard mac 1024x819

Manage all your field sales reps, delivery personnel and customers transactions in one, centralized application. 

A eCommerce platform powered by MultiRoute that allows your clients to place orders through a portal.  multiCommerce has all the functionalities as MultiRoute and uses the same interface to communicate to your ERP.

WDCS Fixed Assets

Our Asset Management software collects, tracks, and processes all the data on rotational assets as well as consumables. It reports on the inventory detail, reorder levels, asset reservations, maintenance and calibration periods, and asset check in and check out transactions.

The company's need before the project was to find a more efficient way to run the warehouse. We solved it with the WDCS technology that MultiSystems installed thanks to the fact that the whole process was automated and digitized. Paper is no longer used, the order comes from the store directly to the system.

We have achieved inventory efficiency. It has been to the maximum and the greatest advantage has really been that we have been able to advance and accelerate the dispatch area of ​​purchases.

The inventory is fabulous, we are more organized and we get the job done faster.


Director of Technology GCG


Warehouse Supervisor WENDCO


Assistant Warehouse Manager WENDCO

Proven Integration

Support for integration to multiple ERP's such as:

Additionally, with the MultiRoute Rest API (ADK Toolkit), end-users can develop their own connector to the enterprise’s ERP.

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