ID Cards

Zebra card and badge printers make it easy to connect, create and print high quality, durable cards for a variety of applications. Whether you're printing ID cards, hospitality badges or financial or RFID cards, Zebra printers offer the security, supplies and software you need for a full solution.

ID Cards

Our ID cards come with enhanced image sharpness and security features such as embedded holograms and custom designs. Combat card ounterfeiting and unauthorized alterations and duplications with additional laminates to increase durability and security. Increase your ID cards durability and security by choosing our high quality solutions.

With our overt security elements which are visible to the human eye, they are easy to authenticate and very difficult to forge. Our covert elements require a device to make the information readable by the human eye. Finally, our forensic elements are microscopic and the most difficult for a counterfeiter to detect and replicate. When printing your ID cards, you can choose between the overt, covert, or forensic security features that you can add.

Some of the security features that our ID cards include are:

Infrared Ink
Printing Light

2-D Holographic

Variable Ink


Micro Text


Black LIght-Reactive
Ink Printing

Photo Box

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