DataCapture DNA: Barcode Scanning Software

 Your Scanner's Built-In Advantage

It’s time to enable enterprise scanning with capabilities developed and continuously refined by a partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers with the twists and turns of integrating, deploying, managing and optimizing. That’s why we’ve engineered into all our scanners Zebra DataCapture DNA—a suite of software tools to make your scanning journey simple to navigate.

Give IT hassle-free device management with the ability to configure and secure scanners at the point of use. Empower developers to easily create and integrate data-intensive apps. And help your workers do their jobs faster to achieve greater business outcomes—with Zebra DataCapture DNA.

Built-In Wisdom 

Zebra DataCapture DNA’s built-in wisdom provides capabilities that leverage everything we’ve learned about technology, users, and thousands of use cases to ease your journey with our scanners. Auto-detect and program your devices for rapid deployment; configure them at the point of use; simplify fleet management, and much more to give your teams unmatched users experiences over the lifetime of every Zebra scanner.

Team Advantage 

Zebra DataCapture DNA empower teams across your enterprise. It gives IT the ability to ensure your scanners are optimized to support your specific workflows. And your workers gain the power to prioritize barcodes, or capture them all at once; to read virtually any barcode the first time, every time; and ultimately to scan more, faster—all by simply pulling the trigger.

Covering Every Stage

From scanner integration and deployment, to management and optimization, Zebra DataCapture DNA covers every stage of your scanning journey. Develop apps faster, leverage remote management and troubleshooting tools, update firmware, view stats, generate reports and correct small issues before they become big problems. With this level of agility, your scanners can evolve with your business needs.


Configure your scanner at the point of use.


Remote Management (SMS/WMI)

Eliminate the need to pre-stage at a depot; configure at the point of use.


Simultaneously stage up to 10 scanners locally.

Remote Diagnostics

Remotely verify that scanners are properly functioning and configured.


In one step, connect Bluetooth® scanner to a phone, tablet or PC

Wi-Fi Friendly Mode

Ensure Bluetooth scanners don’t interfere with your Wi-Fi network.


Give IT hassle-free, scanner management and insight.




Remote Management (SMS/WMI)

Automate configuration at the point of use; update firmware without losing settings and access critical asset data.

PowerPrecision and Battery Management

Gain easy access to fleetwide metrics, including battery state of health.

Remote Diagnostics

Troubleshoot without traveling to sites and resolve issues faster.

ScanSpeed Analytics

Identify patterns that slow down scanning.


Create an SMS package to remotely manage your fleet of scanners.

Virtual Tether

Keep track of your cordless scanners. Virtual Tether alerts users when a scanner is moved too far from its base or is left off the charger for a predefined length of time.


Help workers scan and complete jobs faster.




PRZM Intelligent Imaging

Capture any barcode in virtually any condition the first time.

Preferred Symbol

Prioritize one barcode while excluding others.

Multi-Code Data Formatting

Scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull.


In one step, connect Bluetooth scanner to a phone, tablet or PC.

UDI Scan+

Capture and parse UDI data in the right order to the right fields, in one trigger pull.

Label Parse+

Instantly capture all the barcodes on a GS1 label and parse data in the right order to the right fields, in one trigger pull.

Blood Bag Parse+

With one trigger pull, instantly capture, parse and transmit data to your app.

Intelligent Document Capture

Capture an image and automatically optimize its appearance.

Virtual Tether

Alert workers when cordless scanners need recharging, are misplaced or left unattended.

PowerPrecision+ Batteries

Get visual feedback of charge status on demand.


Empower developers to create and integrate data-intensive apps without difficulty or delay.





Configure your scanner using a wizard with options to program electronically or via a printed 2D barcode.

Scanner Software Development Kit (SDK)

Leverage our SDK, videos and source code to develop your own apps.

Scanner Control Application

Connect and control Bluetooth scanners with a tablet or smartphone.


Forego developing your own pairing solution; instead, use ours or integrate its code into your app.


While scanners pose a minimal security risk, you and your IT staff have additional options to protect sensitive data.

-Trust the highly secure cord that connects your Zebra scanner to a PC

-Encrypt data using Bluetooth Secure and Simple Pairing

-Count on Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) encryption on select models



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