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Air Jet / Blow-On Label Applicator

Blow-on label applicators are designed for a secure adhesion. Innovative and reliable, the blow-on label applicators Use a blow-on labeler module, this machine uses a fan to create a low pressure, vacuum to hold the label in place until it is applied. Then, with a high-pressure jet of air, the label is blown onto the product. This innovative system can accommodate most label shapes at high speeds.

Tamp Label Applicators

Panel label printer applicator specifically for production lines requiring the application of multiple labels to boxes or pallets at the same point in the production line. This unique label printer applicator allows one machine to do the work of three.
As a pallet or case approaches the printer applicator, a tamp assembly with a label on the tamp pad is extended. Once the tamp assembly is fully extended, the tamp pad rotates towards the approaching pallet and applies the label to the front panel. 

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The tamp assembly then retracts to home position. As the pallet passes by the label printer applicator, the tamp module extends just far enough to apply a label to the side panel. Once the pallet has passed the tamp module, the entire assembly extends again. This time the tamp pad rotates towards the back panel and applies a label. For added flexibility, operators can select label application to one, two or three panels of pallets or cases.

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Corner Wrap Application

The corner wrap labeling unit applies labels around the corner of almost any square product. Custom variable information labels are applied on-line, in one process, by the pneumatically operated assembly ensuring complete label adhesion.

Swing Arm Dual Panel Applicator​

Swing arm tamps allow labels to be placed on the leading or trailing edge of boxes and pallets. Label Printer Applicator uses a swing-arm applicator to print and apply a label to the leading edge of a box and a brush wipes the remaining label down the adjacent side.

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