Environmental Sensors & Labels

Quality-Tested Thermal Ribbons Give you Consistent, Premium Performance

Inferior thermal ribbons can lead to failed label performance, damaged printheads, lost productivity and ultimately reduced profits. Avoid it. With Zebra, you’re guaranteed premium print quality and performance consistency every time. How? Our supplies R&D team performs stringent quality tests to ensure our ribbons consistently deliver the best print quality and durability. What’s your result? Prolonged printhead life, decreased total cost of ownership and exceptional scanning performance.

Electronic Sensors

Wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products throughout the entire shipping and storing process. Our portable, Bluetooth®-enabled environmental sensors allow you to record and retrieve data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and climate-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity.

    Freeze Indicators

    Zebra’s freeze indicators monitor exposure over time and provide visual indication when a freeze event exceeds 30 minutes.


      LIMITmarker® Heat Indicators

      Easy-to-read LIMITmarker® threshold indicator monitors temperature exposure and provides a visual indication when the response temperature has been exceeded.


        Printable Indicators

        Gain insights into an asset’s environmental exposure using the same label where you print variable text and barcodes on demand. Our customizable, printable indicators add an extra layer of critical information on a thermal printable label, combining asset identification and environmental insights into a single solution that does it all.

          Ready-to-Use Indicators

          Customize a temperature-monitoring and sensing solution to fit your unique stability profiles, storage requirements and shipping demands. Zebra ready-to-use indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and others, support a wide range of applications and use cases, helping you maximize efficiencies and accelerate workflows.

            Shipment Temperature Indicators

            Zebra’s TransTracker® indicators monitor heat, freeze or dual heat-freeze exposures of temperature-sensitive products during shipping or storage.

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