Barcode Labels and Tags

The Broadest Barcode Label and Tag Offering, Rigorously Quality Tested, Ready for Your Application

Not every barcode label is created equal. There are thousands of different label and tag materials available – each with their own set of features that affect durability and printer performance. To ensure your labels match your needs, our material sciences experts have pre-tested, selected and certified the highest-performing label and tag materials to assure durable print and minimal printer wear and tear, while also considering your budget and application.

Custom Labeling Solutions

With over 300 pre-tested solutions and extensive customization capabilities, Zebra can create a custom label or tag to meet the exact requirements of your application. Custom capabilities include:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Preprinted text, graphics and logos
  • Up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors
  • Front and backside printing
  • And More!

    Dissolvable Label 8000D

    Removing labels from containers before washing can be time-consuming and frustrating, while not removing a label can be costly- blocking drains and damaging equipment.
    When subjected to running water, this innovative direct thermal label disperses into small paper fibers while the adhesive dissolves away from most surfaces, washing cleanly down the drain and leaving no trace of the label.

      Paper Labels

      Paper labels meet the requirements of a variety of applications that do not require durability to chemicals or abrasion. Our offering includes direct thermal and thermal transfer labels with varying degrees of performance. Our innovative IQ Color labels enable you to print color on demand.

        Specialty Paper Labels

        Paper labels featuring specialty adhesives for specific use cases, such as the labeling of challenging surfaces (curved, rough, etc.) or where the label needs to be easily removed or replaced.

          Specialty Synthetic Labels

          Synthetic labels featuring unique facestocks and adhesives to meet the unique requirements of specialized applications. Label features include tamper-evidency, resistance to extreme temperatures and wet surfaces, electro-static dissipative, long-range scanning and many more.

            Synthetic Labels

            Synthetic labels offer durable, long-lasting print and barcode readability due to their resistance to abrasion, moisture and chemicals.


              Zebra’s portfolio of tags offer a wide range of options to meet any tagging need that may arise.

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