WS50 Android Wearable Computer

Reconnect your dispersed task force with Zebra’s WS50 — the globe’s most compact all-in-one Android enterprise-grade wearable mobile computer. Designed to withstand tough environments, its modular design makes it adaptable for various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and hospitality.


Reconnect your distributed workforce with Zebra’s WS50 — the world’s smallest all-in-one Android wearable mobile computer built for enterprise-grade performance. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, its modular construction ensures versatility across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and hospitality.

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Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Hospitality


Pricing/markdowns, Sorting, Loading/unloading, Put-Away/Picking, Retail Back of Store Operations, eCommerce Picking, Back of store operations, Task management